Solar O&M Services

Solar O&M Services

Inter Power Gentech & Distribution provides end-to-end solar operation & maintenance (O&M) services that enables clients to maximize the performance of their solar PV installations. Our O&M services comprise continuous monitoring of client sites for all kinds of preventive and corrective maintenance issues including plant performance, regular upkeep of various plants components and equipment, warranty claims & replacement, spare parts inventory and various other onsite ground services.

With a team of experienced industry professionals, Jakson currently manages over 315 MW of solar assets in India. We provide relevant MIS and regular plant performance reports to our clients to keep them informed on various aspects of their photovoltaic assets. Partnering Jakson as a Solar O&M services provider ensures that clients get access to the most advanced technologies and practices for the maintenance of their solar plants.


Our Services

Operations Management

  • Performance monitoring
  • Issue detection & diagnostics
  • Service dispatch & supervision
  • Security monitoring interface
  • Performance & service reporting
  • Spare parts management
  • Warranty claim management

Financial Management

  • Billing, collections, payments
  • Accounting and financial reporting
  • Insurance administration
  • Interface with regulators, authorities
  • REC accounting

Plant Maintenance

  • Preventive, corrective & predictive
  • Electrical and mechanical
  • PV modules, MMS, inverters and other BoS
  • Plant transformers, switchgear, substation
  • Module cleaning
  • Site security & surveillance
  • Water & waste management
  • Environmental compliance


  • Response time guarantee
  • Performance ratio guarantee
  • Production guarantee
  • Availability guarantee

Technical Asset

  • Plant performance supervision
  • Asset performance reporting
  • Warranty administration

Specialised Services

  • Thermography of all components
  • EL Imaging of modules
  • Annual modules degradation
  • Data Analytics