What we Offer

Generating Set and Equipment

We offer to our clients a comprehensive range of Diesel Generators ranging from 15 KVA to 2500 KVA. These generators are widely used across several areas of application including railways, electricity boards, telecommunication and gas exploration. Several IT companies, textile, chemicals, construction, infrastructure projects and other industries have been excessively utilizing our range of Diesel Generators. We provide:

Electrical Control Panels

Electrical control panels are assemblies containing specified electrical power components, control components and operator devices in a specified electrical enclosure. They are always designed to serve a specified purpose. Electrical control panels are used in every industry and each industry and customer has their preferences so it’s difficult to describe all of the potential configurations because there are so many variables. We offer variety range of Electrical Control Panels

Diesel Genset Specification Sheets

7.5 - 15 KVA Rating

20 - 30 KVA Rating

35 - 40 KVA Rating

50 - 62.5 KVA Rating

72 - 82 KVA Rating

100 - 125 KVA Rating

140 - 160 KVA Rating

180 - 225 KVA Rating

250 - 320 KVA Rating

365 - 400 KVA Rating

380 KVA Rating

500 KVA Rating

600 - 650 KVA Rating

750 - 810 KVA Rating


Installation Guide